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With Smith RV & Marine, be sure to enjoy the endless beauty of great outdoors. There is so much you can explore. Located in the eastern part of New Mexico, Smith RV & Marine offers a great selection of boats and RVs. If you are in need of some boating necessity, you’ve come to the right place. Our exclusive range of bass boats, pontoon boats, fishing boats, and RVs will surely impress you.

Our Services

Smith RV & Marine has been in the boating and RV business for over 46 years now and this is because of our expertise in the business that our services are impeccable. Whether you need to get your boat or RV repaired, our service experts are there to serve you! For boat repairs, stop in any time or call us at (575) 769-0596. For RV repairs, contact our sister company, Bison RV Center, at (575) 762-7200.

We want you to experience the best you deserve!